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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free Powerpoint Presentation Service? 2018-03-06T17:31:57+00:00

Free Powerpoint Presentation Service is an offer for a newbie, entrepreneur, working professionals and businesses who otherwise cannot afford a professional Graphics Designer.

Let good graphics design be accessible to all.  This is the simple motto that keeps us going at Nodesign. Professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, businesses, all look for good graphics design to visualize their concepts, ideas and thoughts. But then everyone is not a graphics artist. Also, everyone cannot afford to hire the best of talents to visualize what they want to communicate. At  Nodesign, we work with you to solve the problem of communication through graphics design.

Powerpoint Presentation Service is absolutely free. Of course, we encourage you to contribute if you value our work. Your contributions can make us do better job every time you approach us to solve your design problems.  We spend a large part of your contributions to help graphics artists who support the cause of democratizing graphics design.

Upon completion of your project, if you want to contribute, we happily accept it. Well, If you don’t, we would still love to work with you again.

How the free offer works? 2018-03-06T17:49:09+00:00

Whether you are a newbie, startup, an entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, Nodesign will help you to communicate with your client for free. All you need is to approach us by filling in the Registration Form. We would then work with you to deliver stunning graphics designs that communicate your ideas in a clear and seamless manner.

Upon completion of your work, if you want to contribute, we happily accept it. Well, If you don’t, we would still love to work with you again.

Is user registration required for availing this offer? 2018-03-06T13:05:24+00:00

Yes. User registration is required for availing this offer.

Does registration qualify the user for availing this offer? 2018-03-26T08:27:48+00:00

Generally Yes. Most of the registered users qualify for this offer. However, in some cases, users do not qualify for this offer even after registration due to technical or resource limitations. However, it is our endeavour to provide this free offer to as many registered users as possible.

Does this offer include advance level powerpoint presentations? 2018-03-06T17:37:47+00:00

This offer covers basic level presentation only. However, as per our industry experience, this basic level is capable of meeting your presentation requirements. For advance level powerpoint presentations, premium solutions are available at Nodesign.